Surface Logistics

Bulktainer Shipping is engaged in transportation of specialized gases and bulk dry cargo all over the Indian sub-continent. The company operates a modern fleet of 70 numbers of multi axle gas trailers and 200 numbers multi axle bulkers which provides complete service to bulk liquid, gas transportation and dry bulk cargo transportation. We provide a bulk handling solutions for entire range of dry bulk chemicals, food grain and gas transportation at very competitive rates.


The company is a complete one stop shop for Intermodal logistic solutions that provide everything you need, that will get your consignment anywhere you want in the required frame of time. Our fleet size has advantage of faster decision making and immediate attention of clients’ requirement in the shortest possible time. Personal care for your consignment is the key to our success and unmatched in the industry.


Guided by a simple set of core values, Bulktainer is chartering a path to become the most progressive and efficient company in the service industry.

The products being handled in surface division currently by our Company are as follows:

Sr. No. Product Format of Carriage Application
1 Butadiene Liquifed Gas Application in synthetic rubber
2 LPG Liquifed Gas Used in Household cooking gas
3 N Butene 1 Liquifed Gas Application in petrochemical industry
4 C-4 Mix Liquifed Gas Extraction of Butadiene
5 Synthetic Latex Liquid Used for paper coatings
6 Alumina Powder Bulk Basic feed stock for aluminium
7 Cement Dry Bulk Construction
8 Food Grain Dry Bulk Food industry