About Us

Bulktainer Shipping Limited is a company engaged in Multi Modal logistic operations by surface and sea transportations. The surface transportation fleet consists of Gas Transportation in normal and insulated bullets, stainless steel multi axle tankers and dry bulk multi purpose bulkers for cement, alumina and grain transportation.  The company owns ocean going vessels in the multi purpose range carrying containers, heavy project lifting, bulk dry cargo including logs in the short range trade. The company has established strong market presence in surface and sea transportations, having a rapidly growing young and modern fleet of vehicles and ships.


Bulktainer Shipping is spurred by a highly motivated and proactive family of employees and we commit ourselves towards Excellency and continuous improvement in quality and safety standards.


The company is a closely held limited company registered in India and the corporate office is located at Mumbai, Maharashtra with branch offices at Baroda, Kolkatta, Haldia, Raipur, Delhi, Chennai and Bargarh in Orissa.


Our Commitment

The company policy is strongly committed to high quality standards giving attention to minute details and focused to excel in all areas of operations. Our engineering capabilities are our core strength and it has helped us in earning the reputation of being cost effective and efficient provider of logistic solutions.


Safety and quality of life and concern for the environment ensure that our fleet is always maintained in good condition and our customers are assured of safety of their cargo.


Our engineering orientation enables us to be a cost effective operator and as a result of this we are able to pass on some of the benefits as a competitive advantage to our customers.


Bulktainer Team

The company's promoters are technocrats, highly qualified with experience ranging more than 30 years and are well trained and experienced in application of all modern system and tools. The dedicated workforce is Bulktainer Shipping Ltd's greatest asset and the company always puts emphasis in developing specialist teams to service the principals.


Dependability and determination are the values that form the foundation of our culture, guiding us in our daily work in how we relate to people and how we do business. These values are demanding but necessary to meet the challenges inherent in the surface and shipping industry.